Connect accounts

To start earning points on your SCENE ScotiaCard or SCENE VISA card purchases:

1) Make sure you’ve enrolled in SCENE.
2) Connect your SCENE ScotiaCard or SCENE VISA card to your SCENE membership.

Not yet a SCENE member?

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Already a SCENE member?

Enter your SCENE ScotiaCard or SCENE VISA card number below, and follow the steps to enroll, and connect your accounts.

If you have both a SCENE ScotiaCard and a SCENE VISA Card, you only need to enter one card number to connect both cards to your SCENE membership.

If you're already a SCENE member, simply:

  • Log in to your SCENE account
  • Go to "My Account"
  • Click on "Connect Accounts"
  • Then follow the steps

Not sure if you're a member? Members have a SCENE membership card with a card number that starts with the digits 604646.

SCENE ScotiaCard

Protect your ScotiaCard number and follow Safe Computing Practices. Please be assured that Scotiabank and will never ask you to validate or restore your SCENE Scotiabank account access through email.